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Thrustmaster presents the TH8A Add-On Shifter: the high-end, realistic multiplatform shifter (PC, PS4 and Xbox One). Its internal mechanism, clamping system and gear stick are all 100% metal. Its knob is detachable and compatible with all real universal shifter knobs available on the market. The TH8A can be attached to any support surface: tables or shelves from 1 to 55 mm thick, and in cockpits (with a removable clamping system). Completely versatile, it allows for two different driving styles: “H”-pattern (7+1) and sequential (+/-). The TH8A works with all racing wheels on the market on PC, and with Thrustmaster racing wheels on game consoles (please see the list on the Thrustmaster support website:, on the TH8A page).

Realistic, high-end gearbox.


PC* / PS3™* / PS4™* / Xbox One*


-13 cm tall gear stick with knob
-Realistic gear-shifting feel
-Detachable knob
-Compatible with real universal knobs

(available in car tuning shops)

-2 shift-plates included: \”H\”-pattern (7+1) and Sequential (+/-)



-100% metal internal mechanism
-100% metal gear stick
-100% metal clamping system
-H.E.A.R.T HallEffect AccuRate Technology
-Precision that won’t decrease over time (contactless magnetic sensor)
-No tact switch and no potentiometer (for unlimited product lifespan)



-Upgradable firmware, and internal memory with adjustable gear-shift travel to suit your driving style

(software available for download on PC)

-Adjustable resistance when shifting gears
-Shift-plate position and rotation adjustable by 360°
-Clamping system position and rotation adjustable by 360°
-Optimized clamping for any support surface
-Tables or shelves from 1 to 55 mm in thickness
-Cockpits (built-in screw threads + removable clamping system)



-Unique design* allowing for 2 different driving styles
-\”H\”-pattern (7+1)
-Sequential (+/-)
-USB and/or DIN connectivity
-On PC: works with all racing wheels on the market
-On PS4™: works with the T150 Series, the T300 Series and the T-GT racing wheels (USB and/or DIN connectivity)
-On Xbox One: works with the TMX Series, the TX Series and the TS-XW Racer Series racing wheels (DIN connectivity)


*  Compatible on PC with all games supporting multi-USB and gearboxes

*  Compatible on PlayStation®3 and PlayStation®4 with games listed on

*  Compatible on Xbox One with games listed on


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