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Roll the dice and delve into the world of Marvel\’s Loki with this brand new edition of the classic Hasbro family board game Cluedo. The events of Avengers: Endgame, with Iron Man and Thor, create a possibility where an unrepentant Loki has a chance to evade the consequences of his attempted invasion of New York. But his escape does not go unnoticed by the Time Variance Authority and Loki is arrested for crimes against the Sacred Timeline. This is just one Variant of the God of Mischief scattered across time and space, and the TVA are seeking to prevent a Nexus Event caused by one of many Lokis, including Sylie, or Lady Loki. Play as the TVA and see if you can protect the Sacred Timeline by figuring out which of your Agents you need to send to one of nine locations to prevent a Loki Variant causing a Nexus Event. It\’s not a murder mystery, it\’s not an escape room, but this piece of Loki merch every bit as exciting! Does Mobius M. Mobius need to visit Alabama to capture Sylvie? Or does Hunter B-15 need to travel to The Void to capture Kid Loki? Is President Loki himself responsible? Will you protect the Sacred Timeline or will you make a cosmic mistake? Pick up Miss Minutes and TVA cards for unexpected gameplay twists. Will you manipulate the Tempads to your advantage, or will you be punished for upsetting Miss Minutes? Choose from six Loki variants and get ready to find out!


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