TT Isle Of Man – Ride on the Edge

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Release Date: 2019/05/23
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There is nothing on Earth quite like the Isle of Man TT Races. No other motorcycle race is held on such a challenging track as the 37-mile plus Mountain Course with its seemingly never-ending series of bends, bumps & jumps
No other motorsport event can boast more than 100 years of such illustrious history, rich in tradition and legends, and to have your name inscribed on a TT trophy is to sit with the gods.


• Accurate depiction of the 60 kilometers and the 200 turns via Laserscan → THE LONGEST TRACK ON EARTH
• Photogrammetry of the Isle of Man environment
• Official Bikes and Riders from the race.
• Full depiction of the race facilities, 25 famous locations included in the game

• Train yourself handling your bike in the most realistic road racing way
• Adapt your riding at high speed
• Set up the best bike configuration to optimize your race
• Attacking and Defending tactics
• Challenge your skills against 8 other players in multiplayer

• Large selection of races to train yourself before the TT
• Lead your team from scrap to gold
• Huge number of paths accessible from multiple choices decisions
• Manage your team, fan base, sponsors and funds



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