StarCraft: Legacy of the Void

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The popular real-time strategy game is back with its final chapter titled: Legacy of the Void. This new expansion is standalone so you don’t have to own the previous games to be able to play.

Reclaim your Homeworld
In Legacy of the Void you take control of Hierach Artanis, leader of the mighty Protoss race. A few years ago Aiur, your Homeworld fell to the Zerg Swarm. Now you are ready to reclaim your world, but an ancient evil has arisen – Amon and he threatens not only your own destiny but the fate of the entire galaxy

By pre-ordering the game you gain access to the beta so you can try out the multiplayer right away.
With a host of new features including 5 new units for you to take charge of and 32 new maps to battle across.

Full Legacy of the Void game
Access to the beta
StarCraft Warrior Hero for Heroes of the Storm

Previous versions of StarCraft® II NOT required to play
• Pre-order Legacy of the Void™ and receive your beta code
• Go to and log in
• Enter the beta code and follow the instructions
• Log in to the® App and install the StarCraft® II beta client
• You’re ready to play!


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