Labo Robot Kit

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In the set you can create your own Toy-Con Robot. To stomp, fly or transform into a vehicle.

Create your own Toy-Con Robot.
Build a backpack and visor that let you control a huge on-screen robot. Then smash buildings, fly, transform into a tank, and much more!

The Toy-Con Robot kit lets your in-game robot smash, fly, and roll its way through fun in-game stages and take on challenges to unlock special moves for your robot.

Colour: orange, blue, grey
Material: Cardboard, Cardstock

What’s In The Box:
– 19 x Cardboard sheet (includes an extra sheet for customisation)
– 2 x String (orange)
– 4 x Cardstock sheet
– 1 x Reflective sheet
– 2 x String (blue)
– Fabric strap (grey): 1 x Large, 1 x Medium, 2 x Small
– 10 x Eyelet set (grey)
– 2 x Eyelet set (orange)

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