Bee Simulator

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Release Date: 2019/11/14
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Bee Simulator

Embark on a big adventure as a small bee and
explore the world to save your hive!
Have fun with your family playing the first game to let
you experience life as a bee! Explore a world inspired
by Central Park where you can:

Communicate with other bees

Collect pollen from rare flowers

Stand up to dangerous wasps and other threats
Play with friends or family in three game modes,
including co op and PvP on split screen .

Bee simulator

• An educational , non violent game
• A game designed for kids and the whole family, unique on the
• Option to play in split screen and in co op
• A rich open world full of life (zoo, amusement park, etc.)
• A relaxing single player experience in Free Flight mode
• Contemporary and topical themes (protecting bees and the
• Many hours of gameplay in Story mode

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