Battle Worlds Kronos

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Have you ever asked yourself what a classic
turn-based strategy game like „Battle Isle“
or „Panzer General“ would look like today?
What modern technology and graphics would
add to such a game? Well, we actually did and
as a result we decided to bring back this great
genre with its unique gameplay experience.
We did this for you, for ourselves, and for all
the other gamers out there who are into
turn-based strategy games.

Game Features:

The good stuff
True & challenging turn-based strategy
gameplay for experienced gamers.

Single Player Campaigns
Fight for the “Yerla” faction, and command a
high-tech army.
For the Rebels, the „Residents“, deal the biggest
damage with what you’ve got and fight a guerilla
war against the invading forces.
Combined the two campaigns offer you more than
30 thrilling hours of gameplay.

Single Player Challenge Maps
Single Player Challenge Maps – Test your skills
in different combat scenarios and keep track of
your progress.

Live Multiplayer
Battle your friends live on the internet or via hot-seat.

Asynchronous Multiplayer
Take all the time you need and consider your moves.
Similar to “play-by-mail”, after your round the game
is stored on our server and then turned over to your
The system allows you to continue the match anytime
and anywhere you want.

Strong AI
A clever AI that considers gameplay on various tactical
and strategic levels as well as individual enemy
characteristics will challenge even experienced

We hope there will be a vibrant community using the
game’s ladder system and enjoying regular tournaments.

Around 40 different infantry, ground, naval and airborne
units, as well as buildings, many of whom can be
upgraded to obtain new capabilities.


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