Fire Emblem Warriors

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Warriors unite

Clash with hundreds of enemies as well-known Fire Emblem characters, each with their own combat style and unique abilities. Unleash devastating combos that can wipe out hordes of soldiers, and pair up with other heroes to perform stunning moves.

Awaken your power

Build up your special meter as you vanquish countless foes on the battlefield, and push forward to seize enemy forts and strategic outposts during battle. Activate your heroes’ Awakening Gauge to receive a temporary stat boost, or unleash a powerful special attack to overpower hundreds of enemies once you’ve filled the Warrior Gauge.

A powerful duo

Combine the forces of two heroes by pairing up as a single unit that can support each other and unleash devastating combos!

Swap between your chosen warriors at any time to adapt to the situation. A sword user can be quickly substituted out for an axe fighter if a spear wielder walks their way, or you could fly right over a ravine by swapping to a Pegasus Knight!

When the Warrior Gauge of both characters is full, you can perform an earth-shattering special technique that changes depending on the fighters selected and the strength of their relationship. Pair characters together frequently to increase their relationship level, and improve their overall strength when working as a team.

Command and conquer

Dominate the opposing army by taking control of the battlefield! Issue commands to your ally units on the map screen to advance on key positions and switch between multiple characters to deal with any immediate threats.

By defeating enemy forces at strategic locations, you’ll increase your influence, boost your troops’ morale and take the upper hand! Keep an eye on your main objectives as the fight progresses, though, as these can change quickly. You’ll also be able to tackle a variety of optional sub-objectives which can earn you tremendous rewards – if you’re feeling up to the challenge.

Weapon mastery

In typical Fire Emblem fashion, wielding the right weapon is the key to victory. With the classic weapons triangle, tactically choose and switch between Fire Emblem heroes to gain the advantage in combat against countless enemies.

There are five types of weapons in Fire Emblem Warriors – swords, axes, spears, bows and tomes. Learning which weapons are effective in battle is an important part of victory, as each has its strengths and weaknesses against others.

Forge your favourites

Use the gold and materials you’ve gathered to improve your party’s stats by creating perk-boosting crests that can increase your attack power, improve the effectiveness of healing items and much more.

If you’re looking to improve your weapons, visit the Smithy to re-forge your equipment, get them appraised and add formidable new attributes.

Shop and go

Anna, the famous shop owner from the Fire Emblem series, will occasionally appear on the battleground. Seek out the location of Anna’s shop to get puzzle pieces, which can be put together to complete hero artworks and unlock History Mode scenarios.

Battlefield blessings

Visit the Temple to receive blessings in exchange for materials and gold. Blessings will grant your characters beneficial effects, such as an increased drop rate for rewards. A blessing’s effect wears off after one battle, so use them wisely. You can also use the Temple to revive any fallen character if you’re playing in Classic difficulty!

Train your team

As you level up through combat, your party’s power will also increase. If any of your warriors are struggling in battle, visit the Training Grounds to level up your desired character in exchange for gold. Once a character reaches level 15, you can even use Master Seals to advance their class, just like in classic Fire Emblem games.

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