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The World\’s Most Precise Wireless Mouse Sensor

Boasting the wolrd\’s most precise 16 000 DPI Sensor, the Razer Mamba wireless mouse provides unsurpassable accuracy for an even greater edge over your competition. With its ability to track 1 DPI increments and a lift-off cut-off distance as precise as 0.1mm, the Razer Mamba helps you to react instantly while you skillfully maneuver your way to victory.

Adjustable Click Force Technology

Whether you prefer a lighter rapid fire click or fuller distinctive click, the Razer Mamba\’s Hyperresponse buttons come with an adjustable click force mechanusm which allows you to tweak them to your exact needs. Choose between different levels of actuation force to set up your personalised click feedback, whether it\’s higher for controlled sniping or lower for rapid fire clicks during heated MOBA battles

Best of Both Worlds

The Razer Mamba gives you completely unrestricted movement without compromising on control or accuracy. Wired ir wireless, the Razer Mamba delivers a response rate of 1ms for industry-leading performance at virtually zero latency. You can also use the Razer Mamba wireless mouse while it\’s chraging, so you never have to deal with downtime even during the longest gaming marathons.


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