• This Multi-Function Cooling Dock is specially designed for the PS5  and fits both the PS5 Disc Edition & PS5 Digital edition
  • It is suitable for the PS5 disc edition when it is pressed down, and it is suitable for the PS5 digital version when it is popped up.
  • Contains 2 PS5 DualSense charging ports, which can charge 2 PS5 DualSense Controllers at the same time, and includes a charging indicator. The red light is on when charging, and the blue light is on when it is fully charged.
  • The Cooling Dock includes 2 fans at 3000RPN speed, with a fan switch, which can quickly and effectively dissipate heat produced by the PS5 console increasing its longevity and lifespan.
  • Contains a USB 3 HUB which expands the USB function for convenient use.
  • It can store headsets, PSVR headsets, and converters.
  • It can store 20 game cases with its retractable CD box storage bracket.


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