PlayStation 5 – DualSense Wireless Controller

  • “Create” Button*• Building on the success of the pioneering SHARE
    button, the new “Create” button offers players more
    ways to produce gaming content and broadcast
    their gameplay to the world.Two-toned design• The DualSense wireless controller sports a new
    two-toned color scheme – a departure from
    the traditional single colored PlayStation base
    controllers.Haptic Feedback**• Dynamic vibrations of the immersive Haptic
    Feedback simulate the feeling of everything from
    environments to the recoil of different weapons.Adaptive Triggers**• The L2 and R2 buttons of the controller incorporate
    adaptive triggers, which will allow users to truly
    feel the tension of their actions, like pulling back an
    increasingly tight bowstring, or hitting the brakes
    on a speeding car.


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