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MotoGP™20 will put players riding and strategic skills to the test, packed with a more strategic and realistic approach to races. A pure MotoGP™ experience, from the box to the track!
Race against MotoGP™ champions, or get into the boots of a young rider, climbing ladders from the Red Bull MotoGP™ Rookies Cup to reach the top class.


  • Managerial Career. Players will have a full Entourage to support them in selecting a new team, analysing races’ data or developing the bike. Just like in the real MotoGP™, players will need to take the best decisions to find a winning strategy to master the Championship.
  • Bike development. Improve performance of different bike parts, earning and spending development points and allocating their R&D staff to reach the highest level. Aerodynamic, electronic, engine power, fuel consumption, are just an example of the many technical parts that players can now manage to improve their bikes.
  • Gameplay much more strategic and realistic, with new features boosting realism such as fuel management, asymmetrical tires’ consumption and aerodynamic damages that will impact bike’s aesthetic and performances.
  • Features of the previous chapter of the franchise, return with a lot of improvements:
    • A renowned historical mode. Players need to win to unlock and collect the most iconic riders and bikes.
    • Neural AI goes 2.0. Strategically manage tire and fuel consumption, as real riders do.
    • New Editors. Together with Stickers, Helmets, Racing Numbers and Lower-back patches, in MotoGP™20 players will be able also to customise bikes’ liveries of their Custom Team, to race on track with a unique style.


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