The LED mini projector is suitable for an array of different scenarios, such as during a business meeting to show your presentation, while traveling for a long time and stuck in a hotel and you need some sort of entertainment or it can be used at home with your friends to watch a variety of different video formats.  The contrast ratio is 300: 1 hence this projector\’s name, and due to this contrast ration the result is a clear and high quality display projection.

Another feature of this mini projector is a 3-in-1 AV IN that allows you to connect your PC, DVD Player or any other device to the projector. The buttons feel well made and the lens is protected with a rubber lens protector. Plug your USB stick or SD card into the LED mini projector and enjoy the show. This mini projector has no limits to where it can be used and is designed to project a high quality projection. This device comes with HDMI, VGA and AV port.

– Portable Multimedia Projector
– Contrast 300: 1
– 320 x 240 resolution
– 48 Lumens
– LED Mini Projector with 320×240 resolution, 48 Lumens and 300: 1 contrast ratio.


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