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The FlashFire F107 Imola Racing Wheel Set offers immersive racing simulation experience with precision control and realism. This comprehensive set includes a high-quality racing wheel, responsive pedals, and a shifter, delivering authentic gameplay for enthusiasts. Designed for both casual players and serious racers, it enhances immersion, responsiveness, and enjoyment in racing games.

•Multi platforms compatibility:  Supports PC, PS4, PS3
XBOX ONE and XBOX Series X/S
•PC supports: Windows 7/8/10/11
•With LED breathing light which can adjust the color and frequency of the breathing LEDs.
•Force Feedback Tech
•Uses a magnetic encoder on the basement.
•Up to 900° wheel rotation, for optimal racing precision
•Automatic centering function


•Five strong suction cups hold the wheel in a stable and secure position.
•Foldable 3-Pedals: Hall sensor tech
•With Six-speed shifter.
• Package dimensions: (L)415 x(W)365x(H)305 mm
•Product Size:(L) 284.6 * (W) 362 * (H) 280.1 mm
•front wheel:10\” 吋


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