-Massage guns are used to relieve muscle stiffness and pain and promote blood and lymphatic circulation.
– It is a physiotherapy gun that improves the overall health of the body’s soft tissues and prevents inflammation caused by adhesions between the fascia and the muscles.
– 4 Replaceable Massage Heads and 6 Adjustable Speed Levels.
– The massage gun is equipped with four different shaped massage heads to help the user relax different parts of the body.
-By hitting the muscles quickly, speeds up blood circulation and relieves pain.
– Muscles shake rapidly consuming fat, thus achieving the goal of increasing muscle mass.
-Use the same position as much as possible within 1 minute.
– The ergonomic handle minimizes external vibrations.
-The durable non-slip silicone handle makes the massager easier and more comfortable.

Massage Tips:
-1 x Small Round Massage Ball (For Small Muscle Recovery)
-1 x Spiral Head (For Body Joints)
-1 x Fork Leg Tip (For Spine Massage)
-1 x flat head (for the whole body)

-Rated power: 8W
-Speed: 3600 rpm
-High energy lithium battery: 2000mAh

What’s in the box
1 x Massage Gun
4 x Massage Tips

*Colours may vary*


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