Digimon World: Next Order

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Although Takuto was a true fan of Digimon in his childhood, he would have never thought to be transported one day to the actual DigiWorld. He and his friend Shiki will have to partner with their favorite Digimon to solve the problems of this strange world and find the reasons of the presence there.


  • Seamless experience: An open/interactive environment with changing time, events, weather and enemies
  • Close relationship with your Digimons: Take time to understand their personnality and develop a real team spirit (Digimon can even help other during battle)
  • 2 Digimon: For the first time of the series, 2 Digimon are following you during your adventure. Depending on their complicity, they can cooperate, defend each other etc…
  • More than 215 Digimon: To capture, raise and fight with
  • Evolving village: Bringing back the scattered Digimon to the village makes it evolve to a real town, and then an island!!

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